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How to Be a Part of the Neurodiverse Community (at least Dr. Matt's Community)

WOW! What a week last week!!

One week ago yesterday I posted how happy I was to have reached 1800 followers. Then I posted #theperformancecliff image and video (which they tell me can be slowed down on Facebook viewer, and I'm working on editing properly).

Now this community has over 2300 followers and nearly 2100 likes. Once again, WOW!! And thank you. And welcome to #drmatt world.. obviously, I'm biased, but I think that this is pretty great.

I'm a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with #gifted kids, #neurodivergent folx, #adhd #autism and #lgbtqia people. I'm located physically in New Jersey but I see people from all over the country. I do IQ tests and learning evaluations. My favorite part of my job is that I get to do talks and trainings all over the world (wherever there's a conference that will have me). I'm also an experienced sex educator.

As such, this page is (and will always be): 1. Pro #mentalhealth 2. #lgbtfriendly 3. Pro #neurodiversityacceptance 4. Pro child and kids rights and responsibilities 5. Pro teacher 6. #sexpositive 7. Believing in science 8. Believing in medicine 9. Pro #diversity in all forms (#3e kids are always welcome here) 10. Aligned with those who want to learn and do better by their kiddos, whether that's personally, professionally, intellectually, or all of the above.

If those terms fit your worldview, then welcome and please invite others to join us! When we all learn together, we go so far together. If those terms don't fit who you are or what you believe, then I'm sad to see you go but I have no time for trolls.

Here are some fundamental rules for being a part of this community: 1. Assume good intentions. Not everyone knows what you know and may be speaking from a different place. 2. Be kind. Lift each other up when you can. 3. Be open to dialogue (listen first, reflect, then respond) 4. Respect others. Their journey is not your journey and we never know the whole story, especially in social media. 5. If you don't know something, ask!

I am so inspired by you all and I will do my best to educate, inspire, help, and support.

Please feel free to give me feedback and to spread the word.

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